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Hustlin’ Hailey choked Ace High with her pearls

Murder mystery dinner in Gary celebrates community spirit

What a scandal! Did you hear about the murder in Gary Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016? The scoop is this; Hustling Hailey chok­ed Ace High with her pearls at Who’s? Casino on the Gary Strip. Little else in regard to the scandals can be noted as “what happens in Gary, stays in Gary”. 


   The evening was mc’d by Gary Cares president Karie Kirsch­baum. Gary Cares hosted the event. “The support from surrounding communities, the willingness of the actors to throw themselves into their parts and the engagement of the guests made the night one to remember”, Kirsch­baum said.     

   Guests from Ada, Fertile, Twin Valley, Waubun, Gary and other surrounding areas filled the Gary Legion.  They came to enjoy a murder mystery dinner show. According to the advertisements, the grand gala, Murder in Wind City, was held at “Who’s? Casino” on the Gary strip, owned by Ronald Trump.   


   Other than the demise of Ace High, it seems some big fat pork chops were too lovely to resist and had to be replace by a juicy prime rib served by Erickson’s Smoke­house from Fertile.       


   Only 14 of the 150 guests guessed the murderer


   Who’s? Place staff and four students from Ada including Shock & Awe youth philanthropy president Luke Heitman, Elizabeth Birkemeyer, Tan­ner Somers and Brooke Rueb­ke, served the guests during the gala.     Kirschbaum said , “in keeping with the tradition of all classy casino patrons, the generosity in the way of tips, engaging in the mystery and keeping the laughs flowing made it a successful evening for all involved.”     


   Guests asked if there would a repeat performance next year. Kirschbaum an­swered “keep your ears open because you never know what the people in Gary are up to.”     The Gary Cares board, including Pres. Karie Kirsch­­baum, V.P. Peggie Chis­holm, treasurer Audrey Felske, secretary Diane Lit­tlefield, member at large Wendy Bennefeld, Brian Thronson, Buck Engen and Alden Anderson, hosted the event as a way to say “thank you” to the many volunteers who helped with the clean up after the tornado in Gary in August and to celebrate the harvest.     


   The board recognized the community effort and extended ap­preciation to everyone in­volved, including the clean up crew, all volunteers, guests, Who’s? Place staff and Gary Le­gion Post 505, which donates the use of the facility to non-profit organizations such as Gary Cares.     


    As always, a good time was had by all!

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