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Get Out & Play in Our Parks

Link here for action video of summer recreation on the East Side of Norman County!

Elwood E. Narum Recreational Park

In the center of town is the the Elwood Narum Recreational Park. It was completed in 2016. The park includes a full size basketball with the equipment available on iste. On the north end is a beautiful memorial bench dedicated to Elwood E. Narum. On the west side is a picnic table and stands for spectators.

Click to read more about this park, which used to be known as "the tennis court" and how it gained new life, thanks to the vision of a 10-year-old

School Playground

Playing in a Tunnel

On the east side of town, 2nd Ave., the playground gives children of all ages many options. There is a special area for pre-school age. On the east end is a 2.5 acre grass field used for a variety of games including football, dodgeball, kick ball and baseball. 

City Park

CP volleyball 2.jpg

 Residents and visitors alike enjoy our city park which has a covered shelter, two sand volleyball courts, swings, horseshoes, a sand pile and a variety of other playground equipment. This park is maintained by the Gary Community Club and is host to a variety of events, especially during Gary Days.

Deer herd nice west side.jpg

Looking for a great adventure out in nature?  Head out to to the Gary Pines located on Highway 32 one mile north of Hwy. 19 on the west side. There is also an entrance on the south side. The main picnic shelter is alongside the highway as well as the Lions Memorial Forest. There are many other options to enjoy there including the six miles of trails for snowmobiles, horses, cross country and more! Also the Ninja/Obstacle course which also hosts the the Veterans Memorial Shelter. The trails range from from 15 ft. wide to 6 ft. wide. Along the trails visitors will discover a variety of chainsaw carved animal statues, birds, deer, flowers, fruits and a variety of other wild life. Go to for complete information.

Gary Gym & Wellness Center

Well, it isn't quite a park, but if you are looking for a warm place to exercise during the winter it is a great option. For those over 14, the Gary Wellness Center has a variety of workout equipment, squat rack,TRX straps, Nautlis equipment, free weights, Ropes, balls, treadmills and more. It is located in the old fire hall on Thorpe across from the EEN Rec. Park. Contact City Hall for more information at 218-356-8600.  

Link here for gym page

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