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Philanthropy: The targeted and planned donation of funds or other resources to public benefit goals, most often to organizations, without expecting any reward.

Shock & Awe strives to partner with other non-profit organizations in Norman County, Minnesota to create one community working toward a common goal.


Norman County, Minnesota is the focus area of S&A. The group started in 2008 and consists of high school students from Norman County East,  and Ada-Borup-West.

S&A prepares students for life-long leadership. This fellowship of youth philanthropists life experience giving each student opportunities to partner with the many diverse segments of their community.


  • It is exciting to see cities and volunteer organizations thinking way outside the box. Possibilities are endless when facing challenges if we work together.

  • Innovative educators are inspiring us to great things! They are  challenging students with activities and exercises which increase learning and sometimes include Legos, robotics, arts,  science, challenging physical exercise and more. 



Send grant requests and correspondence to:

SHOCK & AWE  • P.O. Box 66, Gary, MN 56545 •Email: 

• Contact Anne Nalewaja @ 218-556-9587 

Send Bills to: 

Gary Cares, PO Box 66, Gary, MN 56545

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