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Applications are due by April 10, 2023

• The original intent of the Grant Idea Drive was to the get word out to Norman County about the possibilities, options and funding available to them. In short, to give hope to those who felt discouraged about worthy projects. You got it. Requests came in!

• The other goals was to bring awareness to the cities, foundations and organizations about the mission of the Dekko Foundation , started by Chester Dekko, a native of Ada, MN, to use its resources to support initiatives in Norman County that aline with its purpose. of creating economic freedom for this generation. It is Chesters way of giving back to the communities he lived or worked in. His story is on their site. It is well worth the time to see it. The staff are great people, easy to work with, helpful and will walk through the process with you in the instances that Shock & Awe isn't a fit.

Karie Kirschbaum, President of Gary Cares/Shock&Awe Navigator.

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