Amber Eken Shock & Awe Salvation Army
Shock & Awe students are excited to strenghten their communities by way grants, services and support to organizations in Norman County, Minnesota. 
The students look for projects resulting in a sustainable outcome. Projects  impacting education possibilities, the overall health of the community or opening doors for artistic expression are encouraged.
Do students really understand what is important to their community. Yes. Their thoughfulness, thorough research and respect for the process has resulted in being partners in many community projects since in 2008.
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It isn't enough for the students in Shock & Awe to grant funds, it is even better to be a get our hands dirty. The only limiting factor is imagination. If you haven't brain-stormed with students who think the sky is the limit, you are missing a great adventure! Students will tell you seeing the vision of a city, non-profit or volunteer organization to a successful completion is cause for celebration. Let's celebrate!

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We no longer hold the grant drive because "you get it"!

• The original intent of the Grant Idea Drive was to get word out to Norman County about the possibilities, options and funding available to them. In short, to give hope to those who felt discouraged about worthy projects. You got it.

Please check out our Grant Idea Drive link for more information

- Karie Kirschbaum, President of Gary Cares/Shock&Awe leader.