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We love innovative ideas from the area that
Norman County, Minnesota an even greater place to live, work and enjoy rural life!
Grants are awarded throughout the school year on a first come- first serve basis until funds are depleted.
Gary Cares Area Foundation oversees Shock & Awe and disburses the grant money. Link Here for more information


Our mission: To address the changing needs of our community in an innovative and ever transforming society.

Since 2008, S&A has continued to revisit goals, contemplate outcomes of past grants and to adjust as we learn. We are working for a future filled with hope. One in which generations will naturally partner together to create a strong and legendary heritage.

Grant Seekers
Start here

Who and what geographical area do you serve?

Norman County, MN non-profit organizations, schools or cities.


When does S&A discuss and approve grants? 

S&A meets the second Wednesday of the month during the school year, Sept. - March. In April students go over requests from the Grant Idea Drive. May is graduation! Grant requests are accepted until our funds are depleted for that granting cycle. First come first serve.


How often can an organization apply for a grant?

As often and as many times as the organization has an idea with merit which falls under our mission statement.

Grant Forms
App & Follow up
Grant App
Follow Up
  • Complete the S&A Grant app and return it via email or snail mail (USPS).

  • Upon project completion, complete a Grant Follow Up Form and return it to S&A. 

Society is changing
Innovate and transform

Inspire Hope

Sometimes life can overwhelm "those in charge". Obstacles cast shadows on the vision. This is where S&A comes in. Let's partner together to inspire hope and bring visions to pass.

Develop economic freedom

We have discovered economic freedom is a choice. We strive to prepare young people in Norman County for lives of economic freedom and to continue the philanthropic spirit of our communities wherever life may take them.

Dekko Foundation
Giving back

MISSION: Economic freedom through education

SHOCK & AWE is a youth philanthropy group which started with the Dekko Foundation. It is a philanthropy foundation founded by Chester Dekko (1925-1992.). He was a small town man who "made good" from Ada. He never forgot the wonderful culture and the youth of his home county and left a legacy.  Link 

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