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 The City of Gary is a "Minnesota Nice", forward looking, farming and recreational area in Norman County located in Northwest Minnesota and "in the middle of everything".
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  According to the 2010 census the city population was 214 people.
It has seen a steady increase in both population and property values since that report.
  Gary is a friendly community with a strong school system, active outdoor living, strong community values,
a hard work ethic and innovative, expanding businesses.
For complete information, link here to view the 2015 City of Gary Comprehensive City Plan.
Note that many of the goals have been met or are in process since the plan was drafted.
• Population 214
• Gary has the largest proportion of people less than 20 year olds at 33.1% of the total and is ranked #1.
• Second, it has the largest proportion of people 40 to 49 year olds at 20.4% of the total and is ranked #1. 
• The ratio of the population of men to women and illustrates total male population is only about 3.7% larger than total female population.
Economic Status
Although this report is intended as a community planning guide, the effect of the economy on development patterns should be recognized and considered. Since the factors which impact a community’s economic situation generally transcend its boundaries, we have chosen to consider both the economic setting as it exists in Gary as well as the overall economic setting which exists in Norman County.
Income: Gary The 2009-2013 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates indicate that the median household income in Gary was $51,250 while the average household income was $50,601. The per capita income was $21,156.
Table 3-2 provides information on household incomes in the City. About 23% of Gary’s households have incomes of less than $25,000 and over 18.3% have incomes in excess of $75,000. Table 3-1 Median Household Income, Median Family Income, Per Capita Income City of Gary, Minnesota 2009-2013 Median Household Income $51,250
Housing Market
• Between 2014-2016, eight dilapidated properties were removed, burned or demolished in preparation for redevelopment.  Three of them have been or are in process of being redeveloped for housing.  Other properties are in the process of being rehabilitated for redevelopment. Contact the cit ofice at 219-256-8600 or Mayor Karie Kirschbaum at 218-350-1673 with inquiries.
• Housing values in Gary in 2000 and 2013 as indicated by the census. There has been a large increase (105%) in housing values in Gary since 2000. The median value of a dwelling unit in 2010 was $62,200, as compared to $30,400 in 2000.
• In 2000, approximately 80% of Gary’s dwellings were valued at less than $50,000, as compared to approximately 36% being valued at less than $50,000 in 2013. Similarly, two dwellings were valued at more than $100,000 in 2000 while by 2010, 16 dwellings (21%) were valued at more than $100,000.
* Roads: 90% of city roads were repaved between 2016-2018, with the exception of a couple of roads which were not in need of repair.
* Sewer: The sewer system was put in place in early 2000's with a pond system set out 1/2 mile southeast of city limits.
* Water: A new water system and water tower is on schedule to be completed in 2020. Current lines will remain in place as they are sound for use.
* Natural Gas: Natural gas was installed in Gary in 2017
* Internet: Arvig is the supplier for high speed internet, cable and phone in the city of Gary
* Trails - The 55-mile Aggasiz Recreational Trail (ART) runs from south from Ulen to Crookston and winds directly through Gary down Main St.. In addition, the Gary Pines has six miles of trails, camping, picnic shelters, a rest area, a Ninja Course (obstacles), chainsaw animal art by Andy Lake Woodworks throughout the trails and the Lions Memorial Forest planted in honor of area families.
Parks & Recreation:
Gary Pines recreational area - 160 acres of trails for horses, OHV's, hiking and bikes; carved animal art installation throughout the trails, rest area, picnic shelter, Ninja course (obstacles) and more
Agassiz Recreational Trail (ART) - this trail is 55 miles long and runs along an old railroad bed from Ulen, through Twin Valley, Gary, Fertile and ends in Crookston
• Elwood E. Narum Recreational Park - Full court basketball, ice rink and equipment
• Gary City Park - Two full sand volleyball courts, sand pile, swings and slides, picnic shelter seats 60, snack shack and a horseshoe pit
•School Playground - Updated in 2014, this park has fun for kids of all ages including climbing, swings, jungle gyms, monkey bars and more
Gary Gym & Wellness Center- Dec. 2019, the city retrofitted the old fire hall on Thorpe to include over 1000 sq. ft. of new or expanded equipment.
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