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Our mission is to assist where we can, lead where we have to, and make sure that no life situation can gridlock the ability of our community to move forwards.

We envision a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone feels honored and respected. We are dedicated to making Gary, Norman County, and the surrounding areas even better places to live, work, play, and raise families. To achieve this vision, we will diligently identify and address the needs of our community, working passionately to fulfill them. With unwavering compassion, we will embrace our community and share our heartfelt mission, fostering unity and a brighter future for all.

Group Planting a Tree


At Gary Care, we unlock hope as a community foundation, working tirelessly to enhance the quality of life in Gary, Norman County, and the surrounding areas. Our foundation serves as a beacon of hope in challenging circumstances, making impactful grants in diverse fields that benefit our communities.

We take pride in our mission's broad scope, as it allows us to cater to a wide array of interests with charitable benefits, catering to both potential donors and nonprofit organizations. Embracing our role as partners in local community improvement, we strive to create lasting positive change.


  • Gary Cares One Fund Drive serving Norman County

  • Shock & Awe youth philanthropy

  • Get Out & Play initiative

  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library                   

For more details, visit our projects page. Together, we continue to unlock hope and foster a brighter future for all.

Young Hands Holding Old Hands


We uphold our mission by embodying the following core values:

  • Honoring Heritage: We pay homage to the hard work and generosity of our ancestors, preserving a healthy, active, and progressive community in their memory.

  • Responsible Stewardship: Utilizing funds bequeathed, endowed, granted, or donated to Gary Cares, we remain steadfast in adhering to our mission statement.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: We actively partner with the city of Gary, local organizations, county authorities, and neighboring communities to sustain a healthy and thriving lifestyle for all.

  • Family-Centric Focus: We are dedicated to fostering a wholesome family environment that nurtures future generations and creates a legacy of support and care.

  • Intergenerational Unity: We champion ideas and initiatives that unite generations and strengthen the bond within our community.

  • Non-Profit Commitment: As a 501(c)3 organization, we maintain our non-profit status, channeling resources to finance visionary projects, creative ideas, and shared goals within our community.

Through these values, we continue to serve and empower our community, leaving a positive and enduring impact on the lives of those we touch.

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