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Happy Mother's Day

Gary Cares One  Fund Drive
"Give Local" completed for 2023

Serving Norman County, Minnesota

Over $30,000 was donated in 2022-2023!

Gary Cares One Fund Drive serving Norman

As is tradition, residents of the county will receive donation slips in the mail

or their township representatives deliver them.

Please write checks to Gary Cares • Mail check and forms to: PO Box 66, Gary, MN 56545

or return it to your township officer or city clerk (except in Halstad - return to fire department)


Any questions, call Anne Nalewaja at 218-556-9487


The current and past charities are as follows:

Click "Link" for more information about each charity


  • Gary Cares (directly for the parent organization) Link

  • Norman County His­torical Society Link

  • Benedictine Living Com­munity of Ada Foun­dation Link

  • REACH (Rural Enrichment and Counseling Headquarters) Located in Hendrum, serving Norman County Link

  • Norman County East Early Childhood Initiative Fund Link  

  • Twin Valley - Gary Area Foundation Link

  • Norman County Developmental Activity Center (DAC) Link

  • Norman County Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit (Thor-The Drug Dog) Link

  • Norman County Victim Assistance Program Link

  • Hospice of the Red River Valley Link  

  • Rescue Squad: Please circle or note your choice(s):

  •       Shelly, Halstad, Perley, Twin Valley, Gary, Hendrum, County EMS (serving Bear Park, MN)

  • Fire Departments: Please circle or note your choice(s):

  •        Ada, Shelly, Halstad, Perley, Borup, Twin Valley, Gary, Hendrum, or Fertile (serving Bear Park, MN)

  • Western Norman Community Fund

  • Norman County Salvation Army

Other Charities & Organizations We Support (Please contact directly to make a donation)

  • American Heart Asso­ciation-MN Link

  • American Diabetes Assoc­iation-MN  Link

  • American Red Cross Link

  • Alzheimer’s Association-MN Link

  • Norman County Deve­lopmental Activity Cen­ter (DAC) Link

  • American Cancer Society-MN Link

  • Arthritis Foundation-MN Link

  • Norman County East Dollars for Scholars Link

  • Laurel Capistran Scholarship

  • Walk By Faith (Equine therapy for veterans and young people, located in Fisher, MN) Link

  • H.E.A.R. (Help Enrich Advance & Retain) Halstad, MN area

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