Gary Cares One  Fund Drive
Serving Norman County, Minnesota

Once again, in 2021, Norman County residents donated over $30,000 to projects that matter to them. Good job!

Gary Cares One Fund Drive serving Norman

This year... "GIVE LOCAL"
A salute to our local charities who brought us through it all
The list will be different this year than last. Why?

As our communities went through (and continue to go through) the pandemic, it was evident our county has multiple charities. Each is unique and cares for many different people groups and communities. They touch every corner of our county. This One Fund Drive is a salute to them.
We do not wish to deter you from national charities. The links to their pages are here. Please donate directly.

Thank you for "giving local" to one of our multiple charities, service groups, community groups, or emergency squads this year.

Gary Cares One Fund Drive 2022.jpg