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In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donation

A significant portion of the grants we acquire comes with "in-kind" matches, which extend beyond financial contributions.

Gary is renowned for its remarkable generosity in terms of labor, equipment, time, skills, food, and support. Upholding this proud tradition, we carry it forward to sustain a legacy that transcends generations.

"In-kind" donations encompass the provision of goods, labor, equipment, time, or services from our valued partners. These contributions are assigned a monetary value and integrated into the partner's budgeted contribution.

Leave a Legacy

Will or Endowment

A significant portion of our support stems from cash, securities, and real property contributions originating from local individuals and entities deeply vested in the prosperity of the Gary community, and committed to perpetuating its vibrant heritage.

These contributions can take the form of straightforward gifts. However, some individuals may opt for a more deliberate approach, such as including us in their will or participating in planned giving methods like charitable remainder trusts.

Donate Your Talents

Do You Have Talents to Offer?

Not everyone has time to be involved on a board or attend meetings but they have a passion, skill or talent which helps get the message out in one way or another.

Some people can gather an army for a good cause, others can get the message out on social media in the blink of an eye and others are so talented in crafts they make you look twice.

These are the people who make up the fibre of Gary Cares. Each doing their part.


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