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Jeff & Karie Kirschbaum, Founders of BMI

Celebrating 25+1 Years and counting!

Robert & Mahesh Webb

Were set in place as part of our National Leadership Team May 2023 at Glorybound in Albuquerque, NM BMI Conference. Since then, they have visited over 20 of our U.S. based ministers and keep on going!

Mahesh Robert dressed up headshot.jpg

Dr. Ron & Paula Charles

Cubit Foundation Link

Claudia Baca-Moore, Wyatt Moore, & Mary Dorian, Glorybound Ministries LINK


Ruben & Esther Echeverria

are off to the nations - Mexico, Philippines and more. We BLESS you!

Ink Line

Jeff & Karie Kirschbaum


Yolanda Espinoza

Johanna Sharp

Mando Rodarte

Esther Pitts, Ella Wilson, Karie K, Flor Hull

The CREW! Esther Pitts, Johanna Sharp, Mando Rodarte and Alvin Sharp

We love God to express his love through ALL of us!

SW Aglow band 2.jpg
Mando on stage.jpg
Karie Esther Flor Ella.jpg
Yolanda Johanna guitar.jpg
Ink Line
2021 Conference Hesperial CA. BMI

The CREW 2021 Victorville, CA! Alvin Sharp, Johanna Sharp, Esther Pitts, Jeff K (drum) Karie K,, Michelle Barrett and Barbie Kenton

Ruben Esther Echeverria

BMI, by definition, is an ever-expanding network of community-minded believers in covenantal relationship
embracing God's great grace, transcending culture, ethnicity, race and gender.

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Believers' Ministry International, a division of Great Commission Ministries, was was founded by Jeff and Karie Kirschbaum in 1997 in Fontana, California. It is comprised of individuals, churches, ministries, organizations institutions and businesses working together on a national and global level to see the lives and regions experience their greatest potential.

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