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From left, Mando, Alvin, Johanna, unknow

Johanna Sharp

  • Johanna Cowenberg Sharp
  • @JohannaSharpNow
  • Johanna Sharp Youtube Channel
  • JohannaSharp

Johanna is a founding member of Believers’ Ministry International. She is the BMI Pastor of Worship. She, along with her sister Esther Pitts and BMI minister Joey Melendrez revolutionized Believers’ music. In 1997, they could only play a few chords. Since that time, they have developed hundreds of musicians, song writers and worshippers. Because of their “faithfulness in little” (Luke 16:10), BMI sends worship teams and outreach ministers across the U.S.A., through areas of Europe, Mexico, N. Ireland, W.I. and more.


Johanna has great grace and carries the presence of the Lord with her. She is a “listener”; she is attentive to the voice of the Lord, and to His people. That, with her prophetic inspiration, through her song writing, brings the heart of God to His people and the heart of His people to Him. She is a joy to minister and work alongside of in any venue.


She is a BMI California leader and currently serves on the Area Aglow Team based in San Gabriel Valley as the special events coordinator. She is also member of the Rekindle Ministry at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA. and Indigo Eyes band. Her travels have brought her throughout the U.S.A., Germany and Mexico to lead worship at a variety of retreats, events and outreaches.


She is also an amateur photographer, videographer and works with crafts and art forms of all types. She and her family immigrated from Dutch Indonesia when she was very young. She is part of a large, fun and interactive extended family.  Johanna and her husband Alvin have been married over 40 years. They live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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