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It started as a "theme" for a BMI Conference, but became our purpose

Claudia Baca-Moore, Wyatt Moore, & Mary Dorian, Glorybound Ministries LINK

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Ink Line

We love God to express his love through ALL of us!

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Ruben Esther Echeverria

Ruben & Esther Echeverria

Church of the Hand of God

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Ink Line
2021 Conference Hesperial CA. BMI
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Sean & Bobbi Ishol
Dave & Jenny-Ray Rader

Yolanda Espinoza

Johanna Sharp

Adam & Kristin Kurey, BMI

Johanna Sharp, Mando Rodarte, Esther Pitts, Yolanda Espinoza of BMI & more

Mando Rodarte, BMI

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