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Esther Pitts

  • Esther Pitts

Esther is a founding member of Believers’ Ministry International. The ministry started in the garage next door, she loves music - It was a perfect fit. She is one of the “Garage People”! She, along with her sister Johanna Sharp and BMI minister Joey Melendrez revolutionized Believers’ music. In 1997, they could only play a few chords. Since that time, they have developed hundreds of musicians, song writers and worshippers. Because of their “faithfulness in little” (Luke 16:10), BMI sends worship teams and outreach ministers across the nation, through areas of Europe, Mexico, N. Ireland, W.I. and more.

Esther has a backbone of steel in prayer and fights for the underdog at all costs. She has God’s heart for music, worship, dance, the arts and above all, people. She never met a style of music or dance she didn’t love. Her grace transcends generations, culture, creed, tempo, instruments and styles. She is His.


She is a BMI California leader and works with bible studies, outreaches, prayer groups, conferences or any venue she feels could use a hand. She loves the small home setting, the larger stage, experienced musicians, novice musicians or those just checking it all out.  To her it is all about Jesus. She is a true servant/teacher.


Esther immigrated here as a young girl with her family from Dutch Indonesia. She lives in the Inland Empire of Southern California. She has three grown children, grandchildren and a very large, animated, fun extended family.


– We bless you Esther for our many years of friendship – Jeff and Karie

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