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Updated Aug. 2019

BMI California leaders

BM has four time markers: The Garage in 1997 (Fontana); The Basement in 1999 (Fontana on Seirra); Rialto in 2002 (on Riverside); and The Go Era starting in 2006. The last season is one of watching the "first crop" of BMI ministers take on life. It is amazing. What started as a simple Bible study grew, expanded, touched nations and has remained as an expression of true relationship with BMI family and friends around the world. Whether it is California, across America, the West Indies, Kenya, India, Philippines, Europe, etc. - it all comes back to a small group of people bound together y His great grace. There isn't enough room to picture or name each of them, but they live in our hearts. Our National Board, and friends who impact  us and the nations, are shown on the Global Friends page.  We salute you, oh beloved friends! - Jeff & Karie 

Jeff Kirschbaum, BMI Founder.jpg

"Just call me Jeff" is his most famous sermon. His heart for leaders and passion to see them follow their dreams has led him around the world. He is a man of few words, many hugs and a humble heart; a gentle 6'7 giant.

BMI Co-Founder

Jeff Kirschbaum

Karie headshot nice 2019.jpg

"You can go to heaven jacked up" is her most notorious sermon. With a bit of humor, Karie brings the simplicity of  a relationship with God to those who never thought it possible to be His friend, much less have a future that isn't just "good", but an adventure!

BMI Co-Founder

Karie Kirschbaum

Esther Pitts, BMI California.jpg

Esther is a warrior/worshipper . She and her sister, Johanna Sharp, have been with BMI since it began in The Garage. Her passion for America and freedom of expression in dance and music inspires all who are with her.

California Network Leadership Link

Esther Pitts

Johanna headshot sm 2019.jpg

Johanna came to the USA when she was five. She started with two chords and a sister with BMI in The Garage in 1997. Her inspirational song writing and gift to develop young musicians is legendary. She is known as "the BMI Pastor of Worship" 

California Network Leadership Link

Johanna Sharp

Mando Headshot 2019.jpg

Mando started with BMI in The Basement, Fontana, 2000. He is an inspirational speaker, prophetic voice and passionate worshipper of Jesus. His drumming has set people free to dance across the nation. One of his greatest gifts is to network like-hearted people with one another and activate them.

California Network Leadership Link

Mando Rodarte

Yolanda Headshot 2.jpg

Yolanda is a mama. When everyone else gives up on you, she will stand, tears streaming down her face, and pray. There are few leaders like her. She has been with BMI since The Basement, Fontana, 2000.

California Network Leadership Link

Yolanda Espinoza

Believers Ministry Int'l.

Jeff & Karie Kirschbaum, Founders

207 Broadway, Gary, MN 56545


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