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BMI Ordained Ministers List

BMI Ministers List

Updated Aug. 2019

Believers' Ministry International, a division of Great Commission Ministries, was was founded by Jeff and Karie Kirschbaum in 1997 in Fontana, California. It is a network comprised of individuals, churches, ministries, organizations, institutions and businesses working together on a national and global level to see the lives and regions experience their greatest potential.

BMI, by definition, is an ever-expanding network of community-minded believers in covenantal relationship embracing God's great grace, transcending culture, ethnicity, race and gender. BMI is not a denomination. The network offers support and council when asked. Each member is an independent ministry with varying styles of worship, teaching and ministry. In many cases, BMI is home to evangelists and outreach ministers working in the streets, the reservations, the inner city and across the USA and other nations. Some may belong to other organizations.

The following list of independent ministers hold credentials with Believers' Ministry International Network . • Updated August 2019

  1. Alanka, Isaac Raj    India 

  2. Allen, Carl J.    Nevada, USA

  3. Allen, Jennifer    Nevada, USA

  4. Alvarez, Manuel    California USA    

  5. Alvarez, Rachel     California USA    

  6. Anderson, James C.    Nevada, USA

  7. Anderson, Judith M.    Nevada, USA    

  8. Baker, Billie    Seventh Day Baptist Church, Wildomar, California USA

  9. Baker, Marc    Seventh Day Baptist Church, Wildomar, California USA    

  10. Barragan, Diana    Safe Harbor Ministry California USA

  11. Barragan, Louis     Safe Harbor Ministry California USA

  12. Barrett, Loren    California USA

  13. Brooks, Lois     California USA

  14. Castaneda, Joe    California USA    

  15. Castaneda, Lorraine    California USA    

  16. Chacko, Rachel     California USA    Link to BMI National Board and Global Friends Page

  17. Chacko, Thomas     California USA to BMI National Board and Global Friends Page

  18. Clark-Brown, Melody    California USA

  19. Conti, Michael     Nevada, USA

  20. Conti, Yolanda     Nevada, USA    

  21. Clements, Joshua Daniel    California, USA    

  22. Donnelly, Judith    New Hampshire USA

  23. Dougherty, Myrna    Nevada, USA

  24. Doyle, Jeremy    California, USA    

  25. Doyle, Wendy    California, USA    

  26. Echeverria Esther    California, USA

  27. Echeverria Ruben    California, USA

  28. Engler, Mark     New Jersey, USA

  29. Espinoza, Rico    California USA

  30. Espinoza, Yolanda     California, USA Link to Yolanda's BMI Page

  31. Estrada, Easter    California, USA    

  32. Fletcher, Julian    California, USA    

  33. Fletcher, Tracy (Thomas)    California, USA     Tracy Thomas Music/Actress 

  34. Furuvald, Sandra    California, USA

  35. Gaston, Ken, BMI Kenya     California, USA, . Link to Ken's BMI Kenya Page

  36. Govendo, Lara    Vermont, USA  .

  37. Grove, Carol    Oklahoma, USA

  38. Grove, John    Oklahoma, USA

  39. Harris, Shyra    Oklahoma, USA

  40. Harris, Tavon    California USA

  41. Hull, Flor     California, USA

  42. Hull, Terry    California USA    

  43. Ierullo, Bruno    Canada

  44. Ierullo, Naomi    Canada

  45. Kenton, Barbara    California, USA

  46. Kenton, Bobby    California, USA

  47. Kirschbaum, Barbara G.    California, USA

  48. Kirschbaum, Jeff    Minnesota, USA

  49. Kirschbaum, Karie     Minnesota, USA

  50. Kirschbaum, Michael W.    California, USA

  51. Kurey, Adam    California USA

  52. Kury, Kristin    California USA

  53. Loughmiller, Karen     California, USA    

  54. Loughmiller, Max     California, USA

  55. Manzo, Joseph    California, USA

  56. Manzo, Martha    California, USA

  57. Matthews, Jennifer     California, USA

  58. Melendrez, Joseph    South Carolina, USA

  59. Melendrez, Katherine    South Carolina, USA

  60. Miller, Jayson    Minnesota, USA

  61. Miller, Nancy “Honeytree”     Indiana, USA .

  62. Opatz, Julie Ann    New Mexico, USA

  63. Opatz, Kevin    New Mexico, USA    

  64. Ornelas, Robert    California, USA

  65. Ornelas, Melissa    California USA

  66. Orozco, Anita R.   Aglow Int'l.,  California USA

  67. Orozco, Victor    California, USA    

  68. Owens, Neville    Love & Faith World Outreach Ministries, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.    Link BMI National Board and Global Friends

  69. Parham, Dennis    California, USA

  70. Parham, Donetta    California, USA

  71. Parrott, Alina     Acts in Motion, South Carolina, USA

  72. Parrott, Jeff    Acts in Motion, South Carolina, USA .    

  73. Paulson, David     California, USA

  74. Paxton, Dale    Arizona, USA    

  75. Paxton, Martha    Arizona, USA    

  76. Pitts, Esther     California USA

  77. Pritchett, Barbara    California USA    

  78. Robinson, David, Godspot Radio,  N. Ireland, UK

  79. Robinson, Rosie    Washington, USA

  80. Rochelle, Frank J.    California, USA

  81. Rochelle, Marie-Josee    California, USA

  82. Rodarte, Armando      California, USA  Link to Mando's BMI Page  

  83. Rodarte, Cynthia    California, USA

  84. Rodarte, Vicky     California, USA

  85. Rodriguez, Marilu    California USA    

  86. Russo, Gina, Broken Chains Ministries, Rhode Island, USA

  87. Salcido, Anthony     California USA    

  88. Sharp, Johanna    California USA    Link to Johanna's BMI Page  

  89. Smith, Dorothy     California, USA    

  90. Stone, Valerie    Georgia, USA

  91. Stewart, Bob (Robert)    California USA

  92. Stewart, Deborah S    California, USA

  93. Surace, Jim    Florida, USA    

  94. Tobias, Sandie (Santos)    California, USA

  95. Velasquez, Adam    California USA

  96. Valasquez, Marilou    California USA

  97. Warner, Daniel     California, USA

  98. Webb, Mahesh  Wijesiriwardena    California, USA

  99. Webb, Robert    California USA    

  100. Wildman, Darlene RainSong Music, Arizona, USA

  101. Wildman, Terry RainSong Music, Arizona, USA

  102. Wilson, Ella     New Mexico, USA

  103. Yoh, Dr. Paul     California, USA

Unless given written permission, no authority has been given to use Believers' Ministry International non-profit status. That said, there are some who have received permission. Contact Karie Kirschbaum with questions at 218-350-1673.

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