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Jeff & Karie Kirschbaum, Founders

BMI was founded in a garage in Fontana, California in 1997. To be a part of what has transpired since then is humbling, but what led to that day is a story in itself. Here are some partners, with whom our relationship spans decades before and after 1997.

Mama Sandy (Brown) & Greg Glassford

Sandy and Karie met in the late 80s at Sandy Brown Evangelism School in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988. Sandy and her staff brought in a great harvest in the city during those years. The ministry expression in Vegas closed, but the relationships endured through the decades. We honor her and Greg, her wonderful husband.

We call her "Mama"

Pastor Ken Gaston, Overseer BMI Kenya

Pastor Ken is our ambassador on the ground and responsible for the oversight and expansion of the ministry in Kenya. Link here for Kenya- Ken sold his home in Southern California and most of his possessions, picked up his life and moved to Nakuru, Kenya, Africa in March of 2015 to oversee the M61 & BMI ministries there. BMI started the Kenyan ministry in 2004. He has a true "Fathers Heart" and loves the people of Kenya. We couldn't ask for a better "Ambassador" for the ministry on the ground!

David & Stephanie Herzog

In the early 2000s Jeff and Karie were driving down the road. She said, "Jeff, I just read a book by a guy named Herzog. I think he is based in France. I think he is supposed to come speak at our ministry". Five minutes later, her phone rang and a voice said, "Hi, my name is David Herzog"... and the rest his history! The Herzog's gifts and message has sent them around the world to such places as South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean to name a few. If you are around the Herzogs..expect miracles!

Living life in the Glory Zone

Dr. Ron & Paula Charles

Karie met the Charles' in early 2000s while speaking at New Life Church (Bishop Richard Aidoo) in Dusseldorf Germany. A few months later the Charles' were guests at a BMI conference in So. California where the members of the ministry and friends from around the world fell in love with the Charles'. Cubit Ministries impacts the world on a global level with both practical help in the way of food and with the good news of Jesus. Dr. Ron's books continue to inspire and challenge students of religion all over the world. 

Author, Speaker, Archiologist, Historian and Missionary

Bishop Edgar & Ps. Edna Bantique, Philippines

In 1996, Jeff and Karie Kirschbaum made their first overseas trip to the Phillipines. There were many friends made on the trip, but none impacted them more than the ministry of Edgar and Edna Bantique. Their example of reaching out to unreached people groups, establishing thriving churches and being a father and mother to each of those they came in contact with, inspired BMI to be born. We are eternally greatful to them as they continue their mission and expand across the nation of the Philippines.

Christ Faith Fellowship, Philippines

Bishop Neville & Jennifer Owens, Kingston, Jamaica

Bishop Owens and his wife, Jennifer are based at their home church of Love & Faith World Outreach Ministries located in Kingston Jamaica. They are known throughout the world as advocates for, and apostles to, churches and ministries.

Love & Faith World Outreach Ministries

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Pastors Tom & Rachel Chacko

Tom and Rachel Chacko joined BMI in Fontana, Calif. in the late 90s, They are wise council for BMI. Tom is the BMI board treasurer, and Rachel, BMI's life long prayer warrior. Since 2000, Tom has overseen the School of the Bible for BMI and has taught the curriculum to ministers in Kenya, Ghana, Germany, Jamaica, India and more.

National Board Member of Believers' Ministry International

Wyatt & Claudia (Baca) Moore

Friends since the Claudia Baca-Moore ran the Sandy Brown Evangelism School in Las Vegas and Wyatt Moore led the worship in the 80's, thousands of miles and hours of the word and worship have been logged between the Glorybound and BMI. Mary Dorian, associate pastor of Glorybound, as she is for many ministries is valued both as a friend and wise council. We honor you.

Mary Dorian, prophetic speaker and missionary

The Kirschbaum's met Mary in the mid 2000s. Her love for people and desire for them to hear God's voice spoken directly into their life and situation is something that can't really be explained unless you have expreienced His love flow through her. Mary has been the asst. pastor at Glorybound for over two decades, serving with Wyatt and Claudia (Baca) Moore. She is often published as a prophetic voice on Elijah List, but above all, she is a true lover of Jesus and travels all over the world bringing the good news directly to the hearts of people.

Asst. Pastor, Glorybound Ministries, Albuquerque, NM

JR & Nancy "Honeytree" Miller

JR, the missionary, and Karie, the street evangelist, met in the late 80s at Sandy Brown Evangelism School in Las Vegas and have been life-long friends and ministry partners. JR married the Jesus People singer, "Honeytree", in the late 90s and the circle of friendship grew and so it continues throughout the nations. Faithful friends in Him. Sadly, JR, our friend and mentor, passed away in 2018. Nancy continues to grace His people and the world with her music, friendship and teaching.

David Robinson, broadcaster, writer and evangelist, N. Ireland

David Robinson, Meet the former "pirate broadcaster" now broadcaster, became part of BMI's heart in the early 2000s along with John & Doreen Greenaway, all of Northern Ireland. David's revelation of the "great grace" of God in his life eternally changed, and continues to change us all. His beautiful sense of humor, great gift of healing and the love he brings with him is contagious. When the U.K. didn't allow the gospel to be on the air, he was a pirate for Jesus. Now that it is legal, he is in his element. Check out for more

Bishop Richard Aidoo

Jeff met Bishop Aidoo in the early 2000s at his church, New Life Church in Dusseldorf, Germany where he and his wife, Sigrid are pastors. Jeff came home and said "I met a man I will be friends with for the rest of my life". And so it started. Thousands of miles have been logged between the two nations. We are blessed.

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  • Thomas Chacko
  • Glorybound Ministries
  • Prophetess & Asst. Ps. Mary Dorian

In 2021, this great man went ahead to await us in heaven while we finish the work here.

You will be missed

big Pirate.

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