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Money is wonderful
But there area many ways to help

--  Get Out & Play  -- 



Mow a Trail
Pick up a Trail
Plant Flowers
Rake by Shelters
Make a Snowman
Just Imagine

Gary Cares is  a 501(c)(3) area foundation serving the community and is a partner with the city of Gary on the Get Out & Play in the Gary Pines project. Donations can be sent to Gary Cares or donated by credit cart on our Donate Now link below.

Gary  Cares

c/o Audrey Felske, 301 Strand St., Gary, MN 56545

City of Gary 

115 First Ave., P.O. Box 104, Gary MN. 56545

E) O) 218-356-8600 

For general enquiries and further information, please contact Mayor Karie Kirschbaum 

Phone: 218-350-1673 • Email:

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