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Money is wonderful
But there area many ways to help

--  Get Out & Play  -- 



Mow a Trail

For more information, telephone Mayor, Buck Engen: 218-280-1487 or email:

Or City Hall: 115 First Ave., P.O. Box 104, Gary MN. 56545 • E)  • O) 218-356-8600 

Pick up a Trail
Plant Flowers
Rake by Shelters
Make a Snowman
Just Imagine

Gary Cares is  a 501(c)(3) area foundation serving the community and is a partner with the City of Gary on the Get Out & Play in the Gary Pines project. Donations can be sent to Gary Cares or donated by credit cart on our Donate Now link below.

Gary  Cares

 PO Box 66, Gary, MN 56545

City of Gary 

115 First Ave., P.O. Box 104, Gary MN. 56545

E) O) 218-356-8600 

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