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FireWise Grant

Phase One

--  Get Out & Play  -- 

In 2014, the Pines was logged in conjunction with Minnesota DNR Dept. of Forestry. Afterwards, a Fire Wise grant was secured to clean up the forest, add an approach on the south side of the forest, establish fire breaks and do some clean p. It was phase one of the Pines project. This part of the project was completed June 2017

 “Get Out & Play” in the Gary Pines     

Link to DNR site
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“What if we hosted a 5K through the Pines during Gary Days? What about a haunted forest?”

"What if we had a big garden full of apple trees, chokecherries, blue berries and raspberries?"

"What if we had a treasure map for kids to explore? What if we had an Easter egg hunt?"

Dare to imagine

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