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Develop master plan

Phase 2

--  Get Out & Play  -- 

Final Master Plan pix
U of M #1 presentation - It started with this.
It ended with this - Final plan/process U of M



Phase two included the creation of a master recreation and sustainable plan for the Pines.

In the spring of 2016, the City of Gary secured a $3,600 grant from the  U of M CAP.  It provides for a masters program landscape architect to gather ideas from the community and develop three master plan options. Max Dickson, master of landscape architecture at the U of M School of Design was hired.   The project was completed in Dec. 2016 and the final product was published Jan. 2017. 

The Gary Pines Community Workshop #1 held Sept. 30

Planning started Sept. 2016 for phase two of the Gary Pines project. this phase would result in a master plan for the forest. Stories and ideas told at the community meetings helped shape the future of the Pines! The workshops were led by the U of M team including landscape architect Maxwell Dickson and Viraj­ita Singh, the Senior Re­search Fel­low­/Adjunct As­sis­tant Profes­sor of De­sign for Commun­ity Re­sil­ience - Center for Sus­tain­able Build­ing Re­search.


Approximately 20 residents attended the first meeting held in the Lion's picnic shelter at the Pines. They shared the his­tory of the Pines, heard ideas from each other, and to helped Dickson develop a community vision for the master plan. Dickson, under the oversight of Singh, developed the three master plan options. One (combining the favorite parts of the other two plans) of the three plans was chosen.  The entire project, as it pertains to the current grants awarded, is scheduled to be completed November 2017.

Workshop #2, Thursday Nov. 10, 2016 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center

Three master design options were presented to public - Attendees fine tuned ideas and combined favorite parts of each for the final draft.

Workshop #3, Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center

Master design was presented, The next step was the implementation which including get prices, setting priorities and creating a team to complete the project.

 “Get Out & Play” in the Gary Pines     

“What if we had campgrounds for nature lovers?”

"What if we had a natural play space for children?"

"What if we had an obstacle course like American Ninja?"

Dare to imagine

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