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Why "Get Out & Play"?

The City of Gary "Get Out & Play" initiative started in 2013. The first project was the elementary playground, the second was the Elwood Narum Recreational Park which completely renovated the old tennis/basketball court dedicated in 2016. The Gary Community Club updated the Gary City Park in 2017, the roads in town were been paved for safer walking, bike riding and other activities in 2015-16. Our current project is our 160 acre forest. Here, the possibilities are endless, so get out & play!

The Master Plan was completed Dec. 2016. The majority of the project was complete Nov. 2017.  A chainsaw art installation by Andy Lake Woodworks (Glyndon, MN) was finished in June 16, 2018.  You don't have to wait! Many ways to Get Out & Play are already available in the Gary Pines. As for items yet to come... the imagination is the limit!

Check out the Ninja (course)!
Eagle in pines Hassel
Six miles of trails
Six miles of trails
Six miles of trails
 Dare to imagine
Trails*for OHV & Snowmobiles

Not only are there six miles of trails to travel, but a screened in picnic shelter, a Veterans Memorial Picnic Shelter and rest area if you want to sit awhile. 

For Horse Lovers

The trails are beautiful to ride. The project includes hitching posts by the picnic shelter, on the trails and  mounting blocks.

Link here for a quick fall riding video!

Non-potable Water is available at the shelter

Tent Camping, Trailer parking (come in the south enterance)

Ninja Course (obstacles)

The local children had too many ideas to list here, but the Ninja Course is an adventure land for children of all ages!  If you aren't a Ninja, enjoy a seat in the Veterns Memorial Shelter located on the course. See our Ninja Page to view the project. Fun!

Lion's Memorial forest

A beautiful forest  designed by Burgerson's Nursery. Choose your choice of tree or shrub in memory of your loved one, plaque included. Link here 

Mountain Biking
Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country and more

In 2016, the city of Gary partnered with the U of M to design a master plan. A masters student in landscape architect was hired. After three city meetings we are excited to say it is complete. See the project link for more.

Mayor Karie Kirschbaum says "Future generations will have a place to appreciate the wild beauty, the grandeur of the trees, the deer, the birds, the eagles and each other in the Pines."

Bird & Wild Life Watching

The birds are endless in the Pines. Bald Eagles, hawks, robins, blue jays, finches and more. Look for deer, rabbits, squirrels and other furry creatures. With the addition of specific plants in the master plan, it should even get better.

Link here to see our quick 2017 fall color video


Spend a night under the stars with friends and family. Take your children on an adventure hike through the woods. Check out the natural play space and let their imagination run wild!

How about a snowball fight?

Why not? Maybe build a snow fort while you are at it and enjoy a bit of hot chocolate?

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